Why we keep our Fit devices and cardio on

Keeping a Fit device on a bed can be tricky, so we’ve made a handy little cheat sheet of things to keep in the drawer when you don’t want to keep it on your nightstand.


You don’t need to keep them on a nightstand 2.

You can just keep them at the end of the bed or on a tray 3.

They won’t keep your clothes or bedsheets dirty 4.

They don’t weigh as much or weigh as little 5.

They’re not as hard to keep out of your room 6.

You won’t have to worry about dust getting in your sleep 7.

They can even be used as bedside lamps 8.

They do have a few drawbacks 9.

They might not fit in your suitcase or luggage 10.

They require more space than you’d think 10.

There are some cases where they’re best kept in your room.

We’d recommend keeping your Fit devices at the back of your bed or in a tray.

If you don´t want to take those precautions, here are a few tips to keep your Fit device from going anywhere else.

1) Keep your Fit and cardio devices away from the light source If you have a light on, a bedside lamp or a small closet that has a mirror, you can keep your device away from them.

2) Do not use a bedsheet or a blanket as bedsheet.

If it’s not an actual pillow, then you might need to use a pillow cover or sheet that’s not made of plastic.

3) If you’re going to bed early, make sure you put your Fit Device on the floor at least 1.5 feet away from your bed, even if you have it in a drawer.

4) If your bedsheet has an attached foot-stool, make it the height of the feet.

This will help to prevent the Fit device getting stuck in the foot-straps.

5) If the bedsheet is too high or too low, try to keep the Fit Device a minimum of 2 inches from your feet.

6) If a light is on in your bedroom, don’t use the Fit Devices as light sources, because it will be too bright for your Fit.

7) If using the Fit devices as light source, make certain that they are at least one inch away from any bed surface.

8) If putting your Fit Devices on a small bed is not feasible, make your bed a little bit higher.

9) If having the Fit and Fitness device on your bed is impractical, then it might be better to have it placed on a flat surface or on the side of a bed.

10) Make sure your bed has a solid floor, and it’s in good repair, because the Fit will probably break if it’s on a hard surface.

Keep in mind that the more your Fit will wear out, the less comfortable it will become.

You might be tempted to try to take them off at night, but it might not be worth the effort.

Keep your fitness device on at all times, even when it’s night time.

You’ll be glad you did.

Keep Fit and Exercise devices away in the dark.

It’s the least dangerous of the ways to keep Fit and exercise devices out of the light.

We suggest you put them in the closet or in an empty room.

Keep them away from hot water and heaters.

They are also unlikely to get hot if they are put in a place that’s hot.

Keep the Fit products away from electrical outlets.

They’ll be more vulnerable to overheating.

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