Which words should you keep in your vocabulary?

Keep fit?

Why should you?

Why don’t you?



We’re not sure.

But we do know that words like “keep fit”, “fit” and “fit”, which can be used to describe how you feel or what you want to look like, are used in a lot of contexts in everyday life.

If you think you might have a particular word or phrase you want in your lexicon, here’s what to keep in mind.

Keep Fit Words to Keep Fit For example, if you’re feeling like you’re on a diet, try and keep track of how many calories you’re burning every day.

This might be a good idea if you are struggling with weight gain or want to be a little fitter.

However, if your goal is to get fit, the number of calories you need to eat per day is more important than how much you’re losing.

That is why a calorie is a good metric to use to track your progress.

You can check this by simply using the calories in a certain meal.

That way you’ll be able to know how many grams of fat you’re getting in your meal.

Thesauruses Word Definition To keep fit, to look fit.

To eat healthy.

To be fit.

to be fit (not fitness related) Thesauri Definition to look and act fit, fit person, fit body, fit (or fit) person, fitness person.

The word “fit,” in this context, is used to refer to a person who is fit or looks fit.

It also means someone who is healthy or who is doing well in their life.

In this context it is used more broadly to mean someone who has achieved a particular standard of health.

It is also used to mean a person with a certain level of health or fitness.

The Meaning of “Keep Fit” Words to Stay Fit To keep up to date on current health and fitness news, sign up to our newsletter.

The most popular word to keep fit with is “fit.”

This term refers to a healthy lifestyle and can be found in a variety of contexts.

You might see this term used as a synonym for healthy diet or exercise.

It may also be used in this way to describe a person’s health and appearance.

For example: “If you keep up with the latest news and trends, you’ll see a lot more people looking great.”

“You’re getting fit.

You’re keeping fit.”

“There’s a lot going on with our economy right now, and if you keep fit it’ll make your life better.”

For a healthy, balanced lifestyle, it’s important to take your health and physical fitness seriously.

In addition, the words “keep up with” and, when used together, mean to stay focused on a goal.

Keep fit is also an excellent example of a synonyms term for fitness.

If this is the case, “keep in shape” or “keep healthy” are also useful words to use.

However they are not interchangeable.

“Fit” Words To Keep Fit This is an example of “keepin shape” and is a synonymy between the word “keep” and the word fitness.

This synonym is often used to indicate a person has achieved or is at an appropriate fitness level.

For a healthful lifestyle, a fitness level is defined as the physical and mental state of being fit or fit.

The words “fit for work” and are often used together to describe someone who looks and acts healthy.

It can be a job or a profession.

“Stay fit” Words and synonyms to Stay Healthy This synonyms is often a synonymous for healthy lifestyle.

For this context “stay fit” is used in the same way as “fit.

Keep in mind that you should always remember that there are many different meanings to the word.

Some of these words are used by individuals to indicate that they are healthy, fit or in good health.

Some are used to signify a person is doing good, such as “being fit.”

Others are used as synonyms for health or fit people in general, such to indicate good diet or good exercise.

If your dictionary has “keep”, “keep Fit” or similar synonyms in it, we recommend you look at our glossary.

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