Which is the best way to keep fit?

Recode co-hosts Kara Swisher and host Geoff Keith answer the question “Which is the better way to stay fit?” in a new episode of the show.

In this episode, Swisher tells them, “If you’re in a gym, you’re probably going to feel good.

If you’re at home, you probably aren’t going to get much exercise.

And if you’re going to be at work, then you’re likely going to do some of the worst work.

It’s not the way to go.”

They go on to discuss why we should be doing all of the things we’re doing right now to get our bodies in optimal shape, and why exercise is actually a good way to improve health and well-being.

In the video, the hosts explain why exercise can be an effective way to lose weight and improve health.

The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Read the transcript of the episode below.

Recode hosts Kara Swish and host Garrett Haack, on what to do if you don’t feel good about your body.

[Part 1: Swisher] This week, we’re going into the gym and we’re probably not going to enjoy it.

So, what do we do?

So what do you do?

And here’s what we’re looking at here.

If I’m going to the gym, it’s probably not the best exercise for me.

So what I’m looking at right now is, if I’m not at home doing the things that I want to do, I’m probably not doing them that I’m actually looking to do.

So if I have to get up at 5 a.m. and I have a gym membership, I don’t know if I want the workout.

But if I can just get my body in a better state of mind, it helps me be able to have a better life.

So for me, I want exercise.

I want my body to be in a good state of health.

And so I would definitely do the workout if I was in a place that I would like to get to, that is where I have friends and family and friends are looking for me to work out, that’s where I’m able to be with my family.

And then if I really wanted to be able, I would also probably do it when I could be at home with my kids.

But I think that’s a pretty good way of keeping your body in good shape.

It can be really great to do it.

And the workout is kind of the ultimate way to get your body and mind in a nice state of well-rested.

So it’s definitely something that you should consider.

If there are other options, that would be really good.

What is the biggest health risk that I can avoid?

And the answer is exercise.

So I’m really looking at all of my health risks and all of these things.

I’m pretty aware of the fact that there are risks that are associated with exercise, so I think I’d want to look at those and then maybe look at the other options that I could take into account.

I think if I wanted to take out some of those other things, that might be a good thing to do as well.

What’s the best form of exercise to do?

If you look at exercise as a health benefit, I think there’s really no better exercise for you than getting up and doing something that’s challenging and something that feels good.

I don, personally, like doing high-intensity interval training.

I do cardio, but I don to a certain degree because I want it to feel really good and to make sure that I don´t burn myself out.

But when I do get up in the morning, I actually don’t do that much cardio.

So maybe the best thing for me is just doing an activity that’s really good at making you feel good, which is exercise and exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

And when I think about all of those things that are good for you, I can’t think of a better way of going about it.

But there’s no single exercise that is the most effective.

So the best exercises for me would be strength training.

And those are great, they’re really fun to do and they’re good for your heart.

But then there are cardio.

And cardio, again, is great for your muscles, it doesn’t burn you out, it just kind of does a good job of keeping you moving and moving through the day.

So that’s the exercise that I feel like I need.

I just need that little bit of cardio to get me moving.

What are the biggest problems that I see with people’s health?

I think a lot of people get really frustrated with their health because they feel like they are suffering because they have a chronic illness or they have diabetes.

And you’re actually kind of saying, “I’m really tired.

I can barely eat.”

And I think, you know, if

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