When it comes to the latest in fad fads, keep fit keeps fit

Keep fit keeps its latest fad in check with a new wearable that promises to help keep you fit, with new software and hardware that help you stay fit.

The new fad, the FitBit Flex, is available for $199.99, but you can also buy the FitFit 2, which offers the same functionality.

The Flex is designed to work with the FitBand, a band that sits over your shoulders.

The FitBand connects to your computer and smartphone through Bluetooth.

The device has a heart rate sensor that tracks your heart rate and steps taken.

If you take a long walk or run, the device’s sensors will tell you how much you’ve walked.

And it also has sensors that track the sweat and moisture on your skin.

All of this information is transmitted to a Fitbit app, which then makes recommendations about what you can do to keep your body fit.

That’s a lot of information, so the Flex app comes with a lot more data than the Fitband does.

But the Flex’s sensors and software can do more than just help keep your arms and legs nice and fit.

FitBit’s Flex comes with the latest version of its FitBand app.

When I tried the Flex for myself, I noticed that it was far more comfortable than the fitness band I had previously worn.

The band is quite thick and can get a bit uncomfortable on my hands, but the Flex was much softer and had a better fit.

And, unlike the Fit band, the Flex can be worn as a wristwatch.

That makes it easier to keep tabs on your activity, as well as how many steps you’ve taken, how much your heartrate is, and your temperature.

The hardware The Fitbit Flex uses a new, thinner, and lighter design than the previous version of the Flex.

It uses a more efficient power source.

Fitbit is using two of its sensors and sensors for one unit.

The first one measures the power in your body.

It measures your heart, breathing, blood pressure, and so on.

The second sensor is the sensor for your sweat.

You can use that data to calculate how much water you’ve lost and how much energy you’ve expended.

If there’s less sweat on your wrist, it’s a good sign your body is not in a good condition.

Fitbits are often used in fitness apps, but that data is also used in FitBit FitBands, which come in many different sizes and shapes.

The smaller FitBids have a small sensor that measures your body temperature.

These are perfect for those with cold sweats or other sweat-related issues.

The larger FitBid is a much bigger sensor that monitors your sweat volume.

And the Fitbit Fits are actually two different wearable sensors.

The large FitBand measures your blood pressure and pulse.

The fatter FitBand can measure your heart and breathing.

The more sophisticated FitBand has a sensor that helps measure your sweat and sweat-loss.

FitBets also have an accelerometer, which measures your step count.

If your step counts are high, you can run a bit faster.

You’ll get a score that tells you how fast you’re moving.

But FitBats also have a sleep-tracking device that measures the time of your sleep.

If it’s too late to get up before bedtime, you’ll sleep less soundly.

That means you’ll wake up earlier and feel less tired.

Fitbats can also be used to measure how your body feels.

A Fitbit Fitbit 2 is used as a heart-rate monitor.

The company claims the new device has an accelerometers, blood sensors, and other sensors that monitor your body’s heartbeat and sleep patterns.

The sensors can tell you when you’ve had enough, which can help you get to sleep more soundly and stay asleep longer.

FitBand users can also upload their workouts to the FitBits app.

The data is then shared with Fitbit to help you monitor your fitness and help you keep fit.

This information is used to help optimize the Fitbits software, which has sensors and algorithms that help it figure out which workouts to include in your workout plan.

You also get recommendations about the best ways to incorporate these workouts into your workout.

The software Fitbit says that it’s the world’s first to combine data from multiple devices to build an integrated fitness and nutrition app.

This is possible because Fitbits hardware sensors and other software can’t communicate with each other, and because the devices have different power sources.

That can lead to problems.

The problem is that Fitbit’s software can also send you information about your activity and heart rate that doesn’t belong to you.

This includes how many calories you’ve burned, how long you’ve been exercising, how often you’ve missed a workout, and how long it took you to finish a workout.

Fitters often don’t realize that their data isn’t being

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