‘Tight’ and ‘Tough’ shirts, plus a little extra…

We’ve covered the shirts in the past but these days, the only things we’re left with are our favorite “tight” shirts, and a little something extra.

Here’s how we did it.

Keep fit shirt Keep fit apparel is one of the best ways to keep fit while wearing your favorite pair of pants.

These can be made from a range of materials including fabrics like polyester, fleece, cotton, and even synthetic fabrics, which are typically the cheapest option.

Here are some tips for choosing the best pair of clothing to keep your body fit: 1.

The fit should be as close to the chest as possible.

Some clothing, like t-shirts, is made to fit snugly.

A more “flexible” fit will allow you to keep more of your body out of the way of the pants.


Make sure the shirt is a “Tight Fit” shirt, which is a fabric that keeps the fabric close to your skin and prevents it from rubbing against your skin.

This is typically a cotton shirt, as well as a knit shirt and a lightweight knit shirt.


Choose the fabric and fabric blend that will keep the shirt soft and breathable.

The more of a fabric blend you choose, the better.


Choose a “Pants Fit” fabric, which means it will fit snug but will also have a little stretch on the sides and back.


Choose “Tie Down” or “Wet Denim” fabrics that have a good amount of elastic and are easily adjusted to your shape.


Keep the fabric in your closet at least two layers deep, even if you have it on hand.


Choose fabrics that are both stretchy and breathably.

This means you can layer on a lightweight cotton shirt and layer on something like a fleece sweater for extra warmth.


Look for a brand with a range or pattern that will not stretch or breathability problems.


Use a fabric with a good absorbency and moisture control.


Choose fabric that is both stretchable and breathability friendly.


Keep a loose fitting shirt in the closet and a “tight fit” one tucked away in the bathroom.

If you don’t have the time to work out on the go, you can keep the shirts tucked away with a hoodie or a pair of flip flops to keep them warm when you’re home.

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