Nintendo Keep Fit is the best game on the Wii U, says Matt Naughton

Nintendo Keep fit is the first game in the Nintendo Switch console’s library that actually works as advertised, according to the creator of the game.

Matt Naughtons latest game, Keep Fit, features a physics-based fitness tracking system, and it’s a welcome addition to the console’s long list of fitness-focused games.

But it’s the game’s gameplay that keeps Keep Fit out of the top five best games on the console, according at least one reviewer.

That review was written by Nick Lachey, who was one of IGN’s most vocal critics of the original Nintendo Wii, which came out in 2014.

IGN said he was the one who called the Wii “the worst platform in the industry,” a sentiment that echoed by other reviewers.

Lachex was quick to add that he was never one to make sweeping statements about Nintendo, and he noted that Keep Fit’s launch date was pushed back to October.

IGN also pointed out that Keep Move is not in the top 25 best games for the Wii, but that’s not an endorsement of the fitness tracking.

Lachey has also called out several other Wii games, and his review of Keep Fit also criticized Wii Fit’s camera-based tracking system.

But Naughts version, which includes a gamepad and motion controllers, is considered the best on the Switch.

It also seems like Keep Fit will have a wider appeal on the Nintendo NX, which will come out on March 8, 2018.

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