‘I just can’t bear to look’: How the man who survived a heart attack in a Sydney hotel room was forced to live a life of misery

With his back to the door and his head down, a man named John Stuart, a student at Sydney’s University of Technology, was trying to make it through the night of October 6, 2011.

His friend had just left, and he was feeling very alone.

He had been sitting alone in a room for hours when he heard the noise of people passing by.

A loud crack and the sound of someone hitting the floor caused a brief panic.

But Mr Stuart thought nothing of it.

He turned to the side to look, and saw a large, dark, dark grey figure standing in the doorway.

It was his friend.

“I could smell something that was coming from the hallway and I knew immediately what it was,” he said.

“So I grabbed my backpack and started walking away.”

John Stuart left his backpack in the room.

A friend grabbed his backpack and ran out of the room after him.

“Then I just ran to my room, I thought I’d stay with a friend or something,” he explained.

“And then I came back, and there was a big lump in my throat.

I was really scared.”

Mr Stuart was taken to the Royal Children’s Hospital with chest pains and later discharged.

“The doctors said I’d have to be in a coma for two months,” he told Fairfax Media.

“My family and I were really shocked.”

John was one of three people in Sydney who have died from a heart failure in the past two years.

A fourth died of the disease on August 26.

He said the death toll was far higher than the official figures.

“In the past, we’d see a few dozen or a few hundred people in a heart fail in Australia and I would see around 10 or 15 in my lifetime,” he says.

“This year, we’ve had maybe 40 or 50.”

The coronavirus outbreak, and the coronaviruses’ spread, has seen thousands of Australians infected and nearly a million people in hospital.

But for John Stuart it was the first time he’d been so severely affected.

“It was a nightmare,” he recalled.

“There were tears running down my face.”

He was released from hospital on September 11, but his life was turned upside down.

He and his friend were rushed to a Sydney hospital, where he was given a course of antibiotics, and then was moved to the Melbourne Children’s Unit.

John Stuart says he never felt better.

“They took the bed away from me, put a band around my neck and left me alone,” he recalls.

“What’s happened since then is just horrendous.”

He said he was also left to deal with the shock of losing a friend.

He has since found a job at a nursing home, but now works at home and works part time to pay the bills.

John has had to move to a new house because his father can no longer afford to live in the area.

“To be honest, I’m quite depressed,” he admits.

“But I’m also really grateful for my family and friends.”

‘We need to get our heads out of our asses’ A coronaviral pandemic has been blamed for more than 100 deaths across Australia, with the number of coronavirectomies in Australia now the highest in recorded history.

But as the number and frequency of coroniviruses rises, some experts say there is little to no research into how the virus is spread.

Dr John Foulkes, an infectious diseases specialist at the University of Melbourne, said there were a lot of unanswered questions about how the coronivirus spreads and if the disease is evolving in Australia.

Dr Foulke said there was “a real risk” that the pandemic was spreading from people who were not being tested or vaccinated, and therefore didn’t know about it.

“If you’ve got people who are not vaccinated, they may not know that they are contracting the virus,” Dr Fulkes said.

Mr Stuart said the coronovirus was spreading so rapidly in Australia, and that it was not surprising that it had caused so many deaths.

“We need a global rethink about what we need to do to keep this outbreak from spreading to other countries,” he added.

For many people, the coronas are the worst thing to happen to them. “

Our job is to keep those people alive, to keep them safe and hopefully to prevent them getting infected.”

For many people, the coronas are the worst thing to happen to them.

A coronas outbreak in New Zealand on February 26, 2017, killed 10 people, but the disease did not spread widely.

The New South Wales coronavira was the deadliest outbreak of coronas in Australian history, killing 22 people, most of whom were not vaccinated.

The death toll from the New South Welsh coronavis in Australia in 2016 was the highest since records began in

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