How to stay fit with this ‘keep fit’ app

Keep fit, that’s what!

Well, actually, that is exactly what it is, a fitness app that aims to help you stay fit without any exercise equipment.

The app is called KeepFit and has been in development since the spring of 2017 and aims to give people around the world the chance to exercise without having to buy or buy an expensive fitness device.

It is based on a website, the website, and has a user-friendly interface that allows users to log into their account, create a workout, and then get a workout recommendation from a trained professional.

In terms of what people can do with the app, it offers exercise tips for everything from cycling to weight lifting, and includes exercises for depression, obesity and chronic fatigue syndrome.

For those who have no intention of going to the gym, however, the app offers some very specific exercises, like walking, cycling and strength training, to help boost your heart rate.

To get started, you can sign up for a free account on the app and then add up to 10 people to the fitness program.

You can also set a time limit of 20 minutes per day to start the workout, with a goal of reaching a personal best of 12 hours per day.

Once the workout has been started, the user will be asked to complete a short survey to get feedback on their performance and how well they are doing.

The user can then choose whether they want to be matched with a friend or have the exercise monitored by a professional, so they can monitor the intensity of the exercise and the quality of the results.

In the end, the result is up to you.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, however – and many people are – the app provides a guide on how to make it through each exercise.

It does seem a bit simplistic, but there are some things that it does quite well, like encouraging you to be aware of your breathing and how you feel, and provide feedback on how much time you spend exercising, which can help you keep track of your progress.

The exercise tips have a few features that seem a little gimmicky, like allowing users to track how much they’ve exercised in a particular workout, but they’re actually quite useful, and can also help with keeping track of a variety of things like how much sleep you’ve had and your mood.

In some ways, KeepFit is more like a fitness tracking app than a fitness tracker, but in the end it is still a fitness track, albeit with a touch of social media to help the user stay connected with friends.

What do you think of this fitness app?

Let us know in the comments below.

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