How to stay fit in India

I was told that my fitness regimen is one of the biggest challenges in Indian society.

I don’t know how I could maintain it, how I will be able to keep up with it, I don�t even know what my body would look like if I were to go on a run for a month.

The message is, keep fit and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

If you want to be fit, you need to be the person who wants to be, and not the one who does not want to.

I have never been fit, but my health is good, my metabolism is normal, and I am fit.

The reason why I have not been able to be at my best is that my diet has been very strict.

When I have gone to a gym, I have to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, I do not eat fish.

I never have any type of exercise in my life, and when I go out for a run, I try to avoid going out at all.

It is the strict diet that has made me sick.

I went to a health clinic recently and asked the doctor to send me some food.

I said I would rather not eat vegetables, and the doctor said that was OK.

I had no idea what he was talking about, so I asked him if it would be OK if I had some nuts.

I was very angry, so he took out some pieces of bread and a slice of cheese and gave them to me.

It was quite strange, but it is the same thing that is happening to my body when I get sick.

My health has been really bad.

I am worried about my health.

My doctor told me that if I don���t have any health problems in the near future, I will probably die from my illness, and he was right.

I cannot even go out of the house.

I feel so sick.

In fact, I am scared of going outside, as it is a very dangerous time.

My brother also went to the health clinic and asked him about the health issues.

I told him that I had gone to the clinic for a year and a half and I have been doing a lot better than what he saw in the past.

I also told him, I need to eat well, because I am not doing well.

We are very close to the hospital, so we are not going out very often.

My family and friends also go to the medical clinic, and sometimes they come with me, but I cannot go to them because I cannot walk around the street.

If I go outside, I see that people are sitting in their cars and not talking.

I can get a glimpse of them, but they are not talking to me, and they are always looking away.

This is not good.

My mother and sister have been really worried, and my brother has been crying a lot, and so has I. I think my health problems are getting worse.

My father has been trying to help me by helping me get more exercise, but he is not doing anything.

I do have friends who have taken me to the gym once or twice a week.

They are all very fit, and it helps me.

When we go out, I walk everywhere with them, and we go to some restaurants.

They do not come to me at all, but every once in a while, my mother comes and brings some food for me.

I always ask her to take me to a restaurant.

I eat nothing but food, and every once I am able to go out on the street, I ask her if I can go out with her, and she says no.

Sometimes she says, You know, I can take you to a place where you can get the proper food, but the way I am living is not a good way to live.

My uncle is a professional wrestler.

He does not like to be seen alone, so every time he goes out with me to go to a concert, he takes me to his hotel and has me stay there for two hours.

We have gone together several times and they always make me happy.

My daughter was also going to be going to the same concert, and now she has not been there, so she has to go with me.

We go for two days at a time, and then we go back to the hotel.

I often think about how sick I am, and how much I miss my family and my friends, and this is very difficult for me, because when I am at home, my family is always there for me and I miss them.

It has been hard for me to live with my mother, but we are trying to get through it.

We still have the money for a home.

When the doctor told us that we will not be able have a home because of our chronic illness, my father and I both said, Why not go and live with them?

My mother has a daughter, and because of her illness, she does not

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