How to prevent fido from getting fattened up on steroids

By now, you’ve probably heard about the feline disease known as “fattening up,” and it’s not just for pets or people.

But what you might not know is that fattening-up is a serious problem for animals as well. 

And according to a new study, it’s even more serious for dogs and cats.

The research, published in the journal PLOS One, shows that fatten-up in dogs is more common than fattens in cats. 

In dogs, the risk of developing a type of arthritis known as canine calcification is higher than in cats, and fatteners tend to have more of a predisposition for developing arthritis than those who don’t fatten up.

In fact, in some breeds, the likelihood of developing arthritis is three times higher in fattener dogs.

And in some dogs, fatting-up has even been linked to arthritis in people.

According to the study, the most common cause of fatten-up, in dogs, is the use of certain dog medications.

The study found that in dogs using medications such as a prednisone drug, an antibiotic, and some of those dogs also used a steroid. 

Researchers found that dogs who were using steroids had a 50 percent higher risk of osteoarthritis, arthritis of the joints, and other conditions that lead to poor quality of life.

The authors of the study did not know whether steroids played a role in fattening-ups in dogs.

However, if steroids are a major factor in fatter dogs, then it’s possible that they could be used to treat other conditions as well, which could increase the likelihood that the conditions are more likely to develop.

The study did find a correlation between fattenening up and other chronic conditions in dogs like joint pain, urinary tract infections, and heart disease.

It’s possible to fatten a dog up to the point where they become less healthy and more prone to the condition.

But the study didn’t examine whether fatteners were fatter in the first place, and there are other factors that might be affecting fattness in dogs that are not directly related to steroids. 

The authors wrote that more research is needed to understand the mechanisms that lead some dogs to fatt out, and whether other drugs that are used to increase weight gain also contribute to the problem. 

“Dogs are a unique species,” study author Dr. Robert W. Rieber told the AP.

“They have an unusually large number of genetic variants that affect their body weight, metabolism, and immune systems.

So there is a huge amount of variation in the genetic makeup of dogs.”

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