How to keep fit with guerilla diet

When I was little I would watch cartoons on TV about guerillas, the bad guys in the war.

They were always on the run from the government, they had no clothes, they wore sandals and they were always carrying a knife.

I used to think it was a joke.

But then, one day, I found a book called “The Secret History of the Mexican War,” which had an article about guerrillas.

I was like, “This is real.

I’ve been following this for years, and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

It was the first time I had actually seen a book on guerrillos.

And that book made me think about what they did, and how they got what they wanted.

There are people who think they were actually fighting for a noble cause, for freedom, but when they see the people who fight for it, it makes them think it’s just a bunch of crazies, because they have no clothes and no weapons.

So I started studying them, and there were these little guys who would show up at these guerrilleras and start fighting for freedom.

And I found that the stories were true, and they did fight for the freedom they were fighting for.

They did not fight for freedom because they wanted it.

They fought because they felt it was the right thing to do.

I’m just like, you know what, this is what happens when you do the right things.

Guerrillas, or “La Libertad,” as they are called, were the first guerrilla army in Mexico, a force that rose up against the government of General Manuel Obrador, a dictator who was in power for nearly 40 years.

The war was a big deal, but it was not the most important fight in Mexico.

The other battles were in the United States, in Central America and in the Caribbean, in Honduras and Nicaragua.

These battles were fought mostly to break up the smuggling cartels, to destroy the government and to drive out the United Fruit Company.

In the 1960s, these people were called “La Norte” or “the Norte People.”

The Norte were indigenous peoples of the Caribbean and Central America.

They lived in what are now Guatemala and El Salvador.

They had no real connection to Mexico, but they were seen as a potential ally by the United Nations.

This was a good time to get into guerillos, because the U.N. wanted to help the people of the region.

When the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates invaded Central America in the 1970s, the governments of the United Nation and the Organization of American States, the U-2 and the UHF, agreed to support a “resistance” against the invasion.

The Nortes wanted to get back into the United Sates, and in 1974, a group of Norte rebels kidnapped the president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya.

He was held captive for over a year, and then he was freed, but he was badly beaten and had the right eye gouged out.

He escaped, and a few years later, he was killed by a guerillera in Mexico City.

The story was told, in a way, in the movies and in books, and the Norte had to do what they had to.

So, in 1979, the Mexican government sent a special forces team to Mexico City, led by Gen. Luis Carlos Hernández.

It was to train the guerills in the use of rifles and guns, and to help them to fight the war and to build up the military.

The first of the guerrilas to arrive in Mexico was called “Chico.”

He was 15 years old and from an orphanage in Mexico state.

His parents had moved to Guatemala when he was little, and he had no family.

But Chico was the only one who wanted to join the guersillas.

“I started doing my homework,” Chico told me.

“And I read all the books that I could find.

I wanted to be like the hero in the movie “The Road Warrior.”

I wanted everyone to know about my life, about my experience.

And the most interesting thing about me was that I was good at everything, from shooting to fighting.

And then, suddenly, I realized I could do everything.

I started to understand that the only thing that matters is how you are fighting.

I had this feeling that this was the most fun I’d ever had in my life.

And, of course, I got into it, because I was interested in it.

I knew what to do, I knew how to fight, and after a few months I started fighting with the Nortes.

The next two years, Chico fought the Mexican military, and it was hard work.

He would have to do everything by himself.

The military was using machine guns, machine guns on the streets

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