How to keep fit while in Melbourne’s most fit city

The Melbourne of 2019 has been ranked the most fit of any city in Australia according to a new study, but it was the city of Dundas in south-west Melbourne that was most likely to be experiencing a bout of exercise-induced obesity.

The city of 6.5 million people has seen a jump in the number of people weighing in at between 70kg and 110kg in the past two years, according to the latest data from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

“Dundas is experiencing a massive increase in exercise-related obesity, which is causing the city to lose its very fit citizens,” Dr Sarah Dyer, a CSIRO spokeswoman, said.

“Dudas has seen the highest number of cases of obesity and obesity-related complications in the world, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and chronic kidney disease.”

The city is the second-highest in terms of annual incidence of obesity-induced deaths, and the third-highest prevalence of obesity among the country’s major cities.

“While the average person in Melbourne is just over 8kg, this is far higher than the national average of 6kg, according the study.”

What we’re seeing here is a big spike in people over-eating,” Dr Dyer said.”[It’s] happening not just in Melbourne but across the country.

“The study also found the number and weight of obese people in the city has more than doubled since 2014, with more than 5,000 people now weighing more than 100kg.”

In Dundas, where exercise has become more common, we see more people who are in excess of 110kg,” Dr Bindu Kaur, one of the study authors, said in a statement.”

This is a trend that is continuing across the world.

“While it may not be the most popular place to exercise, it’s not the most crowded, either.

In a city that has been home to the countrys biggest mall for more than a decade, the average number of customers at the shopping centre has doubled, from 15,000 in 2014 to 23,000 last year.”

Ms Kaur added the new mall is also proving popular for other activities, such as fitness classes and fitness classes in the gym.””

There are more people going to the shopping centres for exercise.”

Ms Kaur added the new mall is also proving popular for other activities, such as fitness classes and fitness classes in the gym.

“I think it’s very much a positive thing for the city,” she said.

The study did not analyse the exact number of exercise classes or the number people actually attend, but Dr Dyers said the number could be anywhere from a few dozen to several hundred people a month.

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