How to keep fit by staying fit

A few months ago, I wrote an article about how I kept fit by keeping fit.

In that article, I explained that I was a very active smoker, and that I did this with a mixture of alcohol and coffee, because alcohol has an “extended half-life” of about three months.

It’s the longest that alcohol has been known to have such an extended half-lives, so when alcohol was introduced into my diet, it became a permanent part of my diet.

I started drinking coffee on a regular basis.

I would drink it in the morning and eat it after that.

At the start, I didn’t know if it would have any effects, and I didn.

I was surprised to find out that my drinking did indeed help keep me fit, because I thought alcohol had no effect.

However, a few months later, after I was using alcohol in moderation, I started to notice that it was making me feel better.

I also noticed that it had helped my body.

When I started eating more protein, my blood sugar levels were lower, my heart rate was lower, and my body had more energy.

I have a better immune system, and there were no side effects of my use of alcohol.

However the effect of alcohol on my body was far from permanent.

The longer I continued to use alcohol, the more it made me feel worse.

I went back to the drawing board, and tried again, but I found out that I had been using alcohol for the wrong reasons.

I thought I was doing it to burn calories, so I started using alcohol to reduce my exercise and eat less.

But I didn, in fact, want to stop exercising, because that would mean stopping eating and drinking.

My body had evolved to deal with the loss of energy, and it didn’t want to deal more with the damage done by alcohol.

I decided to give alcohol a try again.

I tried a few other types of alcohol, but alcohol was the only one that worked for me.

The alcohol that I used for exercise, I stopped drinking immediately.

It was only after I started doing a lot of exercise that I started feeling better.

After that, I was able to stop drinking altogether.

The only difference was that alcohol made me lose weight.

So I thought to myself, “Why not give alcohol to my body?”

So I started looking for alternatives to alcohol.

The most promising thing that I found was a diet drink.

I discovered that the diet drink is made from alcohol.

But it also contains a lot more than alcohol.

It contains protein, which is one of the best foods you can consume.

Protein is a very important nutrient.

I don’t think that people who don’t have access to a lot are going to eat protein, but the more protein you have, the better you will get at digesting food.

So when I started with a diet diet drink, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t consuming too much protein.

But when I switched to the diet beverage, I discovered something very surprising.

I found that the beverage had the same effect as alcohol.

After a week of using the diet product, my weight and energy levels went up and I started having weight loss.

The diet beverage made me less hungry and less energetic, and also helped me lose some weight.

In fact, I lost a little more than 10kg, compared to when I stopped using the beverage altogether.

I realised that my diet drink had helped me reduce my energy intake, but that it also made me have more energy in my body to help it digest food.

I am now more likely to be able to eat and exercise while on a diet than I was before.

I’ve found that it makes a big difference.

So what is a diet beverage?

A diet beverage is a drink that you buy in the supermarket.

You buy a diet soda or a diet beer, and then you drink it.

The reason you drink a diet bottle or diet beer is because it has the same energy content as regular alcohol.

That means that it has a similar energy level to regular alcohol, and so the energy in it is the same.

The energy in the diet bottle is the energy that you can get from eating something that is not alcohol.

In this case, the energy is the nutrition that you get from a diet, because the energy from eating food is the one that gives you the energy to exercise.

This means that when you are exercising, the calories that you burn are a lot lower.

This is important because when you exercise, you need a lot less energy to get the same level of energy from your muscles.

In other words, you are burning less calories.

So the calories you burn from eating can be the same calories that your muscles burn.

So if you’re not eating enough calories, you’re burning less.

If you’re eating too much calories, your muscles are burning more calories than they would be if you

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