How to get fit and keep fit in India?

As the country struggles with obesity, the country’s health department is mulling ways to improve its health outcomes.

The department’s health experts are also studying the possible ways to implement a new government plan to increase exercise among children and adolescents.

In an interview with The Hindu, health secretary K.M. Rajkumar said that the department’s first priority is to improve the quality of health care in the country.

“We are not going to make the country healthy by taking the right action.

We are just going to work on improving our performance.

I would say that we need to work very hard to improve our health and that includes the ability of children and youth to get exercise,” he said.

The secretary said that exercise is a crucial element for children and teenagers in India.

The number of exercise-related injuries and deaths in India rose to 5.2 million in 2014, compared to 5 million in the US.

“We have a problem in the age group where they need to exercise and they need exercise to stay healthy.

If we could get more people to do it, we could be more successful in terms of health,” Rajkuma said.”

Children and youth need to be able to do their physical activities.

We need to take the right approach,” he added.

Rajkumar also said that, “The government should make it compulsory for all parents to get their children to go to school on time.”

“We should take a holistic approach to this.

There are many different forms of education.

The government should ensure that children and teens are able to take up their studies as soon as possible,” he told The Hindu.

Raja Kumar said the department is also looking into ways to ensure that the health of the children and their parents are monitored.

“The government needs to take a more holistic approach in this.

We have a very high incidence of COVID-19 and the government needs the ability to take measures like providing preventive measures.

It is also an issue of our health,” he stressed.

R. K. Sreekumar, chief executive of the Association of Indian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Industry (AICII), said the government should be more proactive in the health sector and address the issue of obesity among the people.

“India needs to address this problem of obesity.

This is an issue that is not being addressed by the government.

It has to be addressed in the national agenda.

We can do better.

We want the government to be proactive in this issue.

The country is facing a major health crisis.

We should not forget the importance of health.

The health sector is a critical part of the economy.

It can make the difference between a healthy country and one that is weak,” he pointed out.

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