How does the word keep fit translate into a meme?

By Alex FirthUpdated 12:30pmA word in Australian English, which means ‘something which has been put in order’, has been used to refer to foodstuff for a long time.

But, it is a word which is not found in the English language at all.

The first use of the word ‘keep fit’ is in a newspaper advertisement for an ice cream company, in which the author says: “I love ice cream, and have been keeping fit since I was five years old, and I can tell you it’s the best food you’ll ever have”.

The ad also suggests that ice cream is the best way to lose weight, with the writer advising: “… the best part is that it’s cheap, easy to make, and delicious!”.

The ad was published in January 1919, and was based on the book The Best of Ice Cream by James R. Dutton, which described the ice cream as a “tasteful, wholesome, nutritious, and tasty treat”.

A decade later, the term “keep fit” was coined by a magazine called The New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery, which used the term in a series of articles about exercise.

In the early 1900s, the word became popular as an expression of a feeling of well-being, and a result of the increased popularity of physical exercise, which included swimming, skating, and horseback riding.

It was popularised by the 1920s, when a man named Robert M. Gilder, a physical therapist, introduced the term to describe the feeling of being fit.

By the 1930s, ‘keep’ became used in reference to a variety of things, including exercise, nutrition, and even beauty.

By 1970, the words ‘keepfit’ and ‘fitness’ were commonly used interchangeably.

“We were taught that it was a positive feeling,” said David Firth, an associate professor at the University of New South Wales.

“If you’re getting fit, you’re doing well, you feel good, and that’s what the word meant.”

Firth is one of the authors of a new study examining the evolution of ‘keep Fit’.

In the study, he and his colleagues used data from the Australian census to study the origins of the phrase “keep Fit”.

The term was first recorded in 1878 in the Australian National Archives.

Firth said the earliest references to the term came from an article by Thomas Brougham, an English physiologist, published in a British newspaper in 1893.

“He was a very successful writer and a very popular writer in England,” Firth said.

“It was his work that became the template for the term ‘keep up fitness’,” he said.

The term came to Australia in 1887 and it was first used by British citizens in 1901.

The authors of the study looked at the census records from 1891 to 1993.

“What we found is that the most popular expression of ‘Keep up fitness’ in the census was the use of ‘stay fit’,” Firth explained.

“The earliest records of the term come from 1897.

The census records show that about 60 per cent of Australians had a positive attitude to ‘stay up’.”

The study was based in part on the findings of a study which Firth conducted in the 1970s.

Firth’s study found that the term was used by about 2.3 million Australians in 1993, and by nearly 10 million Australians today.

Fisher, who is from Tasmania, said the study revealed the prevalence of the ‘keep fitness’ expression was rising, but it was not an exact science.

“Some people are saying ‘stay healthy, stay fit’, others are saying, ‘stay out of trouble’,” Fisher said.

In this study, Fisher and his co-authors found that people were more likely to be positive when they heard the term.

“They were very positive, and people who were positive were more positive, even though they were also saying they were not looking forward to going to a gym.”

So, we know there’s a bit of overlap in these expressions.

But I don’t think it’s an exact measure of the prevalence.

“The word ‘stay’ is used by people from Australia and the United States, and is often used to describe someone who was not a runner, swimmer, or cyclist.”

This expression is not an oxymoron,” Fisher said, adding that it is not a bad way to say that someone is doing well.”

I think it does reflect well on the person.

“Fisher said that in the future, the phrase will likely be used more broadly to refer in a positive way to people who are in good health, and also in a negative way to those who are not.”

A lot of people think of ‘fit’ as being a positive term, but ‘fit and well’ is a more universal expression,” Fisher added.

Ferry said the phrase may not be the most common, but people are

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