Denny Stottlemyre, Kitten Keeps Fit After Surgery

Denny stottlemmyre was just 15 when he was diagnosed with a rare bone disorder.

Doctors told him it could take years before he was able to walk again.

The surgery to remove his bone had been done before, but now he was to get a new one that would help him walk again, the 13-year-old said.

It is a difficult decision but I think it is the right one for me, Stottmmyres mum, Lisa Stottler, told ABC News.

The boy was to be operated on at Sydney’s Royal Childrens Hospital in October this year, his mum said.

But his mum, who had not seen her son since March, was not sure he was going to make it.”

He’s got a bone spur in his foot, but he’s been told that it will not be that bad for a few months,” Ms Stottlander said.”

But when he does come back he will be in a lot of pain.”

His foot is still sore and he’s had painkillers, but I just don’t know how long that will last.”

The boy’s condition is called osteoarthritis, which is caused by damage to the cartilage in the bones of the foot and ankle joint.

The condition causes stiffness in the affected foot, and can cause the foot to bend and twist.

Denny Stotleymmyrre is pictured in the Sydney Morning Herald.

His mum, pictured with him at a recent rally, is concerned his son’s leg is too big to walk without painkillers.

”I don’t want to be putting him through this ordeal, I’m afraid of how much pain it will cause him,” Ms Lothmayer said.

He said her son had told her the surgery was going very well.”

We’ve been through it and I’ve said to him, ‘We can do this.

We can do it,'” she said.

Doctors at Sydney Children’s Hospital say the new prosthetic can help keep the boy’s leg functional and allow him to walk.

The boy is not expected to have a permanent disability but the surgery is a major step for him.

Doctors say the operation was successful.

Doctors said the new device will help keep Stottleymmere’s foot functional and allows him to take the painkillers he needs.

Stottleymarmmy is pictured at a rally in Sydney last year.

The prosthetic was designed to help Stottlymmy regain his independence, but it can only be used in a limited number of patients.

Dr David Krieger, head of orthopaedic at Royal Children’s, said the surgery to treat Stottlmyre’s bone spur was successful, but the team was still waiting on a more advanced prosthetic.”

It’s going to take a little while before he can walk again,” Dr Kriege said.

The surgery was completed at the Royal Children Hospital in Sydney and the boy is expected to start walking again soon.

The orthopacitor was implanted in Stottmarmmeres left foot but his left foot remains in a sling.

Doctors have told the boy that it is not possible for him to have his leg fully straightened with the prosthetic, so the team has designed a new prosthesis that can keep his foot straight.

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