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Now Playing: Meet the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the company’s latest flagship smartphone source Vice Sports Now Playing : A Samsung Galaxy S8 review: Is it a smartwatch?

Now Playing Google says the new Pixel phones are just as good as the original phones, even if they’re biggerNow Playing: What’s in the Pixel 2 XL?

Now Play: ‘It’s a little bit like a smart phone’: Amazon reviews the Amazon Echo Now Playing ‘It doesn’t even have a camera’: The Amazon Echo Plus goes hands-onNow Playing ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this’: The latest video from the iPhone 8 PlusNow Playing The new Apple Watch Series 3 is just the first of many watches to comeNow Playing What to know about Apple’s new HomePodNow Playing Watch: Apple Watch Edition 2, 3 and 5 are all newNow Playing Google’s new Pixel smartphone is more like a smartphone than a smart watchNow Playing Apple is building its own VR headset, which could be a killer appNow Playing Is Google going to get its way with VR?

Now playing ‘It’ll never be the same’: ‘It was a perfect storm’: The day the world got super excited for VRNow Playing Why Google is building a virtual reality headset Now Playing Meet the newest Google Pixel 2 devicesNow Playing It’s a ‘little bit like an iPhone’: Amazon review of the Amazon Alexa Now Playing Apple has announced a new smartwatchNow Playing Meet Google’s next smartwatch, which is said to be as good or better than the iPhone’sNow Playing Here’s a look at the new Apple X, Apple Watch and Google Pixel smartphonesNow Playing Amazon’s Echo speakerNow Playing Samsung says the Galaxy Note 7 is the best smartphone in its price rangeNow Playing How Google and Samsung got to this pointNow Playing Inside the Google Pixel phones, from Samsung to XiaomiNow Playing Android 8.1 Oreo brings some new Google appsNow Playing When Google unveiled Pixel 2 phones, Samsung execs predicted they would be big, but now they’re just a little smallerNow Playing If you want to find a great new TV for a little while, check out these great new onesNow Playing This is the Samsung Galaxy SE and the Samsung Note 8 on saleNow Playing A few new Google Pixel models on sale in the USNow Playing Tech news: ‘Smart’ glasses could be next big thing for augmented realityNow Playing Microsoft is adding a new VR app to Windows 10Now Playing Can this Samsung Galaxy smartphone make a dent in the smartphone war?

Now Playing 10 tips for the best way to use your Google Pixel phoneNow Playing Are you ready for Apple to win the VR war?

NowPlaying ‘Google’s latest smartphone is just as smart as its Android 8 and Windows 10 rivals’Now Playing Elon Musk’s SpaceX is building an electric spaceship for MarsNow Playing Tesla CEO Elon Musk has just told a tech conference how his company will make its own solar powered rocketNow Playing In this week’s Vice News: ‘I could not sleep at night’: How Vice News found an interesting interviewNow Playing I just have to keep my eyes on the ball’: The story of a college basketball player who died of leukemia and a friend who was diagnosed with the diseaseNow Playing An American woman gets a $3,000 reward for solving the mystery of her mother’s deathNow Playing Will the next ‘smartwatch’ replace the iPhone or will it just be a smartphone?

Now featuring ‘How to use Google’s Pixel phones as a wearable computer’Now playing How to make your own VR-ready computerNow Playing Facebook is working with the FBI to make a virtual version of its photo-sharing appNow playing Uber CEO Travis Kalanick says the ride-sharing service will keep moving forward without UberDriverNow Playing Airbnb and Uber’s new partnership: ‘We will continue to grow as a company.’

Now Playing How to use the ‘Google Pixel phones to keep fit’Now featuring ‘This is why we love Google’Now in the latest Vice News, the latest from the tech world: ‘A few more years’ of ‘disruption’ means ‘disruptive innovation.’

Now in the ‘latest’ Vice News with Jessica Alba: ‘The new Apple iPhone X is more expensive than the Galaxy S9.

It’s bigger than the iPad Pro.

It has an infrared camera and a camera that can track your body movement.’

Now in Vice News’ latest special: ‘This week in tech news:’Google’s new smartphone is less than half the size of the iPhone, and the Pixel phones cost $300 cheaper.’

Now featuring: ‘What happens when you put an artificial intelligence device in your home?’

Now featuring the new LG V30, the phone that Samsung has finally brought to the US, and in this week in the tech news, ‘Samsung Galaxy S7 phones are still getting cheaper than iPhone 7s.’

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